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We are developing a value-based, sustainable and future-proof "blue" economic system, driven by stable alternative money and innovative technologies.

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A universal complementary money system based on sustainability, responsibility and fairness.

BlueSphere is a smart processing and management platform and ecosystem for transforming the existing
profit- and growth-driven economy into a framework for value-creating currencies and assets.

Image: unlimited scalable platform of interconnected exchanges and local hubs.
An unlimited scalable platform of interconnected exchanges and local hubs. 

Use cases

Local currency schemes

Local currency schemes as timebanks, lets or intentional currency can spin up their currency schemes fast and with low investments. Any type of non convertible currency that needs governance is possible.

Regional convertible currencies

Regional or local convertible currencies, as often established in Europe, can migrate to BlueSphere and can potentially start to become interoperable.

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Global Business currencies

Global Business currencies as BlueMoney get a unique framework that provide all neccessary basic features as compliance layer, KYC and more.

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BlueMoney is not only an alternative crypto-currency, but a universal complementary currency framework.

Without interest and speculation.

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