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BlueMoney Framework

Blue money uses the Monax contracting platform to create legal smart contracts for any type of creation of liquidity.
The liquidity is then injected into the BlueMoney ecosystem over Exchanges.  

Simplified liquidity creation and distribution scheme.


BlueSphere will develop a participation system that makes it possible for corporations of all kinds worldwide to raise equity capital in a similar way to shares.

The participation is securitized in so-called BlueShares.


It is well known that suppliers of raw products and merchandise often require companies to pay in advance, especially for cross-border transactions, or they use letters of credit. Without this, the supplier usually has to take out export insurance to limit his risk. Liquidity or proof of creditworthiness is always required for this. As a result, companies in many countries, also in the EU and in the NAFTA or ASEAN region, are excluded from obtaining raw products or goods to be processed further and from being able to do business. Yet everything would be so simple that companies could produce and trade with each other in all parts of the world. With "comitation", it becomes easy.

Comitation includes elements of consignment (delivery method of goods or material in which the supplier remains the owner until it is withdrawn from the consignment warehouse), forfaiting (purchase of receivables with a waiver of recourse against the seller in case of default of the debtor), commission business (business in one's own name for the account of a third party) and, in the case of the production of goods, contract production (directly customer-oriented contract production). However, elements of procurement optimization, payment risk hedging, and drop-shipping also play a role. Depending on the needs, the whole range of comitation is applied, but individual parts of it can also be used in a modular way.

In addition to corporate financing, this creates a business processing and financing model for production and goods transactions that can be used regionally, supra-regionally, and internationally between companies of all types and creditworthiness levels. The term goes back to the Latin word comitatus and means accompaniment. It is therefore an "accompanied business".

The different kinds of comitations will generate a Promissory Note in the form of a legally binding smart contract that can be cleared to each other. 

Base Liquidity

Each company participating in the system receives a basic credit, which depends on the size of the company and the potential of the possible comitations and normal business transactions. 

Blue is the new green!

A more green economy is far from being enough to break the unlimited grow paradigm.
We need an economic system that favors sustainability and not grows.

The iridescent blue leaves of Selaginella. Courtesy of The Royal Society.
The iridescent blue leaves of Selaginella. Courtesy of The Royal Society.